Edith Black Case Edit

Detective Chief Inspector Torbin Cazenove became famous for the Edith Black Case, were he uncovered a huge cocaine ring run by Edith Black also known as The Shadow Black was responsible for a number of murders in Whitechapel. She personally murdered Mitchell Francis by shooting him in the face and then stabbing 17 times in the chest after she fled to her native country of Spain were her brother lived. Cazenove led a team of highly trained agents to track down Black and arrest her but ended with Black being shot in a gun fight. Cazenove himself shot Black and her brother who was firing a M16 assault rifle the whole cartel was eventually caught and tried in London.

The Purple Shoe KillingsEdit

Cazenove's second big case was The Purple Shoe Killings in which 6 woman were killed by a French man named August Te Louvre. August was a disturbed individual who enjoyed death from a early age he killed the family dog and drowned the family cat when he was 17 he killed a butcher's son with a cleaved but was to young to be convicted. By the time he was 21 his under spree began his first victim was a young woman who couldn't be identified as she was secretly beaten her shoes were purple the next 5 killings were all the same woman with purple shoes. They were all beaten and killed with blunt force trauma and Cazenove cracked the case by finding August hanging from a tree in his back yard with the hands of all 6 victims underneath him.

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