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The youngest member of the team, he is quiet and reserved compared to the rest.

Season 1

While young and eager to fit in Kent is torn between fitting in with the team and obeying his new boss. Early on he aids Chandler by fetching him some chalk much to the amusement and derision of his teammates.

Miles reveals to Chandler that he knows that Kent sometimes cries in the car park in order to cope with the stresses of the job.

Season 2

During the second season Kent is 'Striped' as a warning to Chandler's division to back off. Kent is struck hard across the buttocks and left on crutches for the rest of the season.

Chandler, in an attempt to flush out a leak in the division, calls out and dismisses Kent in front of everyone. Kent leaves distressed and cries in the car park. Later the culprit is discovered and he is reinstated with Chandler apologising for not trusting him. 

Season 3

Much of the season Kent has rather minor roles and remains the most junior member of the team. During the 2nd case he is forced to humiliate himself in-front of Chandler, covering for another team member, by revealing he knows of a sex shop where Spanish Fly can be purchased.

Later he accuses Chandler of being blinkered over Lamb's possible association with the murders in the final case of the season. Chandler manages to contain his anger and blames the outburst on lack of sleep but takes no further action.

Season 4

DC Finlay Mansell begins to date Kent's sister, Erica. He doesn't approve of this match and attempts to split them up, causing a fight between him and Mansell. Meanwhile, Kent begins to see his reflection as a distorted mask. In the last episode, Kent asks DI Joseph Chandler if he wanted go and get a drink with him, which could be interpreted as a date request.

Personality, Traits and Relationships

It is hinted that he has a somewhat crush on DI Joe Chandler as it has often been said that he slipped into the DI's habits like they had been his all along. He is also shown to look up to Chandler and respects him throughout the series. When he was suspected to be working for the Kray's, he appeared to have been heartbroken because Chandler didn't trust him for a while.

Kent tells Mansell that his aunt is a psychic during season 3 episode 5, when they are inside the Mantus family home which has been left abandoned for 10 years. Mansell makes fun of him which upsets Kent a little.