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Currently twice divorced DC Finlay Mansell joined the team in season two having previously known both DS Miles and DC MacCormack .

He is often teamed with Kent and sent on menial tasks but has proven himself to be an effective detective and tenacious when the work appeals to him.

Outside of the office he is a ladies man but has a string of short relationships that expire once he gets bored and cheat on his girlfriend, something he brushes off as a lifestyle choice.

Later he starts to date Kent's twin sister, much to Kent's chargrin. During this time he decides to turn his life around and, possibly out of respect for Miles, to treat his new girlfirend with the utmost respect. Kent is deeply worried and asks Mansell not to date his sister and when he refuses Kent actively poisons her against Mansell. The rejection, not knowing Kent's involvment, leads him to consider suicide and is only prevented by Meg's intervention. When Kent reveal his part Mansell punches him in the face, at the office infront of Chandler.

Personality and Traits.

He has a very gruff exterior and is openly a hedonistic womaniser who uses his boisterous antics in the office to cover his deepfelt insecurities. This is shown in his delight of childish pranks but once he becomes the victim of a repeat caller who taunts him he quickly becomes fearful and angry.