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An experienced officer who joins the team at the beginning of the third series. She is assigned as an aid to the socially awkward Buchan who has been duputised to the department.

A strong, bubbly character she has a motherly role within the team but is also respected by her collegues and takes an active part in the cases, working door-to-door's and other information gathering duties. It is mentioned that she is good friends with DS Miles' wife Judy and that they have been on holiday together in the past.

Series 4

While helping Buchan, and being the only team member not to ridicule him to his face, he mistakes her kindness for something more and kisses her tentatively. The shocked Meg leaves and tells the team what happened furthering their ridicule of Buchan's social awkwardness. Mansell also gains access to Riley's computer and sends Buchan a prank e-mail, fooling him into thinking Riley wanted to go on a date with him.


DI Chandler: Ed This is DC Megan Riley, a keen historical re-enacter, so you two should have something in common.

DC Riley: War of the Roses mainly *Grins and places her hands on her hips* Always the busty wench!