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DI Mina Norroy (portrayed by actress Camilla Power) is a Detective Inspector with the Police who appears in Series 3 when she consults with DI Chandler's team during the second case of the series. She acts as the Season 3 love interest for DI Chandler and has an extremely by the book approach which seems to suit Chandler's up tight personality

She appears in the episode when her team discovers part of a dismembered body that Joe's team has already recovered recovered part of. When she appears to notify the team of her findings, she states that she has no intention of fighting for jurisdiction and is invited to consult with the team.

The body parts were discovered due to a urban Fox being seen carrying around the body parts and the team split into pairs to try to track down the Fox and follow it back to the body. Mina is paired up with Kent and makes comments that suggest that she is interested in Chandler and find him interesting.

As the season progresses she becomes highly critical of DS Miles due to his new baby making him tired. When asked to support either her or Miles over an unrelated matter she takes Chandler's choice of Miles as the cue for her to leave.