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Jimmy and Johnny Kray intimidating DI Joseph 'Joe' Chandler

Jimmy and Johnny Kray were the alleged sons of east end gangster Ronnie Kray.

case 2 part 2Edit

In a pub called the Blind Beggar Jimmy Kray fired two warning shots to get patrons out before shooting a man in the head with a Luger P08 as a random act of violence, which only the bar maid saw. The barmaid told DI Joseph 'Joe' Chandler and DS Ray Miles that Jimmy Kray shot a man dead the previous and lived just around the corner. Chandler dispatched a SWAT team to surround the house to find that Jimmy had anticipated this and was ready to go to the police station. Jimmy's mother revealed that she wrote and visited Ronnie Kray in prison when one day Ronnie talked about having an heir to the east-end throne and said he had a deposit of sperm in a sperm bank, so Jimmy's mother helped him out and had two 'perfect boys' Jimmy and Johnny, despite DS Ray Miles pointing out that "Ronnie Kray was a misogynistic homosexual, who thought all women were dirty." Jimmy was released without charge from the police station because it is illegal to detain an identical twin if you can't tell him apart from his sibling, the barmaid couldn't tell them apart.

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