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"Rye didn't flood my shop or make my child cough to death or make my wife leave

John Washington's face revealed

"The witches are still out there, I was so close, so close, so close!"

John Washington was a homeless killer who killed people he thought were witches who had cursed him.

Season 4 case 1[]

John Washington kills a man called Alexander Zukanov by making him fall in a trap door, braking his ankles and slowly piling bricks on top of Alex so he could get a name out of him. As the pressure mounted up Washington grew impatient and increased the pressure of the bricks until he got a name "Dorothy Cade". John is revealed to be homeless just like Alex and directs DI Joseph 'Joe' Chandler to Alex's shelter, later he kills an Dorothy Cade by burning her at the stake because he assumed she was a witch, he lost a finger to gangrene in the process.

Season 4 case 2[]

As the team come under the assumption that Washington is a modern day Matthew Hopkins, Washington drowns a woman called Cherry Thrapston and her cats in a salt water bath tub. It is revealed that John Washington owned a bakery called the three grain bakery that specialised in sour doughs and rye breads. The bakery flooded and his daughter coughed herself to death, his wife left him subsequently. The insurance company refused to cover the damages to his shop which left him homeless. He kidnaps a teenager by the name of Nick Hamptstead and tortures him to give Washington a name for another witch by stabbing him with a nail. DI. chandler tackles him to the ground and unravels his bandages to reveal his face which had been damaged severely by ergot poisoning. A doctor's analysis of him states that Washington has hours instead of days. He makes a rant that he was so close to finding the real witch that had cursed him to Chandler and how he foiled him, it is assumed that he died of his illness.

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