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Lizzie Pepper (portrayed by Christina Chong) is A young woman who works in forensics and is Chandler's romantic interest for season 3 episodes 1 & 2.

Season 3[]

During the first and second episodes in season 3 Lizzie is one of the forensic scientists on the case.

Lizzie is clearly attracted to Chandler from the first time they meet.

Lizzie checks the hammers obtained from the carpenter for blood and if they have been cleaned recently, which both came up negative. She also checked the size of the hammer heads with a mould taken from one of the victims heads and they didn't fit.

Miles gets Lizzie's number in hopes that Chandler will take her out on a date. Chandler does eventually arrange a date with her, only to find out that where she lives is very messy.

Chandler bumps into Lizzie at the second crime scene as Lizzie wanted to find out why the footprints stopped so abruptly. This leads to the two of them in a hidden cupboard under the stairs, which is a very small space so they are pressed together.