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Series 3 (2012)

Whitechapel was commissioned for a third series in March 2011. Unlike the previous two series, which were each based on a single event, the new series was split into three separate 2-part stories. The new six-episode season was shown in 2012 in its usual ITV time slot.

Case One (Part 1)
DI Chandler and DS Miles investigate the slaughter of four people at a tailor's fortified workshop. Ed Buchan, retained by Chandler as the team's historical adviser, believes that the huge archive at Whitechapel station will provide the necessary insight into this baffling crime that appears to echo the Ratcliff Highway murders 200 years earlier.
Directed by: John Strickland | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip| Airdate: 30 January 2012
Case One (Part 2)
Following on from the incident at the tailor's workshop, a second mass murder occurs, and again there was no obvious break-in and no forensic evidence.
 Written by: John Strickland | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip | Airdate: 6 February 2012


Case Two (Part 1)
As Chandler and Miles attend the christening of Miles's daughter, a fox runs through the streets of Whitechapel with a human arm in its mouth. Soon, more body parts from the same victim are washed up by the river, all containing evidence of a fatal poisoning. Buchan believes the crimes echo the Thames torso murders of the 1880s - can the team, with the help of a female DI attractively like Chandler in her habits, crack the gruesome case?
Directed by: Richard Clark | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip | Airdate: 13 February 2012
Case Two (Part 2)
When traces of the aphrodisiac Spanish fly are found in murder victims, Chandler and Miles question what kind of killer they could be up against. The team are taken to the heart of a dark obsession where romance and love take a sinister turn.
Directed by: Richard Clark | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip | Airdate: 20 February 2012


Case Three (Part 1)
When a babysitter is murdered, the only witness thinks she saw the bogeyman do it. Chandler, Miles, and the team suspect a dangerous patient and former Whitechapel resident, obsessed with Lon Chaney and London After Midnight, who's recently escaped from a psychiatric unit. Meanwhile, Buchan, guilt-ridden over his failure in the previous case, is unsure if he should remain a murder-archivist.
Directed by: Jon East | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip | Airdate: 27 February 2012
Case Three  (Part 2)
With the body count rising, Miles and Chandler clash over the direction of the investigation. Having already survived the killer's wrath once, Morgan Lamb is of particular interest to the team - especially Chandler. As the chase escalates, will the detectives be able to put their differences aside in the face of their toughest adversary yet?
Directed by: Jon East | Written by: Ben Court & Caroline Ip | Airdate: 5 March 2012

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